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chilled air cooling conveyors

  • Air Cooled Water Chiller for Refrigeration System | SASG

    The water cooled condenser used for large capacity plants. It requires less power to circulation on water. An air-cooled refrigeration system is typically located outdoors and is subject to its surrounding ambient temperatures. In hot summer months, compressor efficiencies are diminished due to sweltering temperatures.

  • cooling air

    Download Brochure. Size: 754.35 KB. Features. Technical Specifications. Energy efficient air/water cooled compact chillers with Screw Compressor. Chiller can be connected with multiple Moulding / Extrusion machines. A seamless safety chain including function control of compressor, fan, pump and water filling level. Freeze protection.


    AMMONIA CHILLER. Home / Air/Water Cooled Chiller / AMMONIA CHILLER. Product Enquiry. UNIQUE FEATURES. Temperature range up to -35 o C. Factory manufactured & tested flooded evaporators. High efficiency. Low running cost. Eco friendly …

  • cooling air

     · Rental equipment typically used for conveyor cooling applications includes the following: Air conditioners from 12 to 80 tons. Chiller modules with air handlers ranging from 25 to 525 tons. Ducting, piping and fittings. Engineering and supervision services. Installation and maintenance services. On-site operation and training.

  • Parts Cooling Conveyors

    Parts cooling can be provided on almost any TEC conveyor. This can be used for blow molded, thicker walled parts or any application where faster cooling is required. TEC offers the parts cooling by ambient or chilled air. Fans or blowers are mounted to either a lexan or SS cover.

  • 5 features your cooling conveyor should have | …

     · 5 features your cooling conveyor should have. Cooling conveyors help products solidify before downstream packaging. Image provided by E-PAK Machinery. Lip balms, deodorants, cosmetics, candles, car wax, and certain pharmaceuticals are typically filled in a hot liquid state and then cooled to a solid form. Without proper cooling, these heated ...

  • Part Conditioning | HFA Conveyors

    Water Chiller Unit(on 2230 conveyor) HFA Portable water cooling units are now available with our new blue housing. Ambient cooling fans in a variety of sizes, mounted in a lexan cover or on arms. Heating units. Static elimination units. HEPA …

  • Mokon 2 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

    Description Mokon 2 Ton Air Cooled Chiller Capacity- 2 tons Type- Air cooled Compressor- hermetically sealed scroll compressor BTU- 24,400/hr @ 50 fluid temp Refrigerant type- 407C (Green Friendly) Pumping capacity- 20 gallons per minute PSI- up to 30

  • Parts Cooling Conveyors, Ambient Air Cooling

    Cooling chambers can be placed on flat or incline conveyors. Indexing the conveyor belt can help to maximize time in the cooling chamber. Blowers can be variable or fixed speed. For greater cooling needs, choose a chilled air or water cooling system.

  • Parts Cooling Conveyors

    Parts Cooling Conveyors. Post-mold cooling can cut cycle times by quickly cooling hot parts, stabilizing them, and preventing them from deforming. They are an excellent choice for thick walled or blow molded parts applications. Optional features, such as variable speed drive to adjust the pass-through time or clean air filters, allow them to be ...

  • Central Chillers for Plastics Processing | Conair

    Central Chillers from Conair include both air cooled and water cooled models. See the FULL LINE of chiller products for the plastics processing industry. Free up factory floor space with the Conair Water-Cooled W-SK Central Chillers. These large-capacity, heavy

  • Cooling Tunnels & Process Conveyors | BCH LTD

    BCH cooling tunnel or process conveyor can be incorporated into a full process line using a fast and simple installation. Originally designed for the specialist high temperature and rapid cooling requirements of extruded liquorice confections, BCH has launched a modular range of conveyors and tunnels for the efficient transport, cooling and conditioning of food products.

  • Cooling Conveyor Systems | Fast Cool Down | Flexible Design

    Systematic cooling conveyors provide rapid cool down of product before packaging or seasoning. Variable speeds and flexible designs. Reduce waiting time by quickly cooling down and stabilizing the product before packaging or seasoning Flexibility of design allows

  • Air Cooled Chiller -Water Chiller for Mold-High Performance Chiller …

    Air-cooled Chiller LCEQ air-cooled chiller is a hot product in the cooling industry due to its easy operation, and high cooling efficiency. It does not need a cooling tower, which is very convenient for customers. The chiller mainly consists of a compressor, condenser ...

  • Prasad GWK Cooltech Pvt. Ltd. Air Chiller for Blown Film Plant

    Air Chiller for Blown Film Plant. Direct cooling technology for air Blown Film Lines. Consistency in air temperature regardless of environmental condition improves film quality. Desired air temperature can be achieved in shorter time. The air chillers are designed to adjust the power consumption according to the actual requirements.

  • Parts Cooling Conveyors, Self Contained Cooling

    Parts Cooling Conveyors, Self Contained Cooling If you need to air cool parts but do not have a central chilled water supply or a solution requiring minimal setup is preferred, we can integrate a self-contained cooling unit into your automation system.

  • cooling air

    CAC Air cooling conveyors are designed for intensive cooling and removal of excess water or oil (air knife section) from products after frying, cooking or blanching. Price depends on the size and client''s specifications. For more information, send us an email to

  • Cooling and Freezing Conveyors

    The cooling and freezing conveyors with endless steel belts are employed in the production of food. The care put into the design of the key components, such as the tension terminal and the belt tracking device, makes these machines particularly suitable to work in quite severe conditions with temperatures varying from – 60 C to + 100 c and with an efficiency close to , …

  • Central Chillers for Plastics Processing | Conair

    Learn more about Conair''s line of central chillers, from air to water-cooled models, for your plastics processing needs. Provide chilled fluid for industrial application from a central location with Nu-Vu Conair''s Air Cooled A-SK Series Central Chillers.

  • Parts Cooling Conveyors, Water Cooling

    Cooling the Water Temperature For parts that need maximum cooling, heat exchangers can be mounted to the sides of water bath conveyors to lower the temperature of the water in the water tank. 12-gauge, # 304 stainless steel construction. V-guided, FDA approved, white PVC belt with 1.5" high flexible cleats on 18" centers.

  • Parts Cooling Conveyors, Chilled Air Cooling

    Chilled air cooling is an excellent choice when parts need to be thoroughly cooled. Standard chilled air cooling units include a blower and coils mounted in an enclosure over the conveyor belt. Chilled water is provided by the customer''s chiller or tower. Cooling chambers can be placed on flat or incline conveyors.

  • Cooling Equipment | Cooling & Conveying Systems | AMF

    Cooling Equipment Sanitary, reliable cooling solutions for high performance with minimal maintenance. Constructed with wide stainless-steel grids to prevent product jumbling or bottom sanding during cooling, AMF''s cooling systems are engineered to meet your ...

  • Temperature Controller | MATSUI MFG Co., Ltd.

    Mold Chiller System MCC5 Product details 「MCC5 」 View PDF Mold Chiller System MCC5-i Product details 「MCC5-i」 View PDF Mold Chiller System (Air Cooling Type) MCCA3 Product details 「MCCA3」 View PDF Cooling & Heating Unit (Air Cooling ...

  • Cooling Machines / Cooling Equipment for Food Industry / Chillers

    CAC Air cooling conveyors are designed for intensive cooling and removal of excess water or oil (air knife section) from products after frying, cooking or blanching. Price depends on the size and client''s specifications. For more information, send us an email to

  • Manufacturer

    Quality Air Cooled Chiller suppliers & exporter - all products made in China. The water chiller is applicable to cooling the moulds use in the plastic molding processing machines, be capable of improve the products surface smoothness in large, to reduce the grain ...


    Variable speed scroll chiller capacity range Air cooled – 4TR to 60 TR Water cooled – 5TR to 90TR Temperature range (+25 o C) to 0 o C Air-cooled – 25 TR to 300TR Water cooled – 30TR to 375TR Temperature range +30 o C to (-35 o C)

  • Grisley Cooling Industries

    Process Chillers Air Cooling Units a. Air Cooling Units b. Plate Heat Exchangers c. Shell & Tube Flooded Chillers d. DX Chillers e. Cooling Coils Air Cooling Units Receivers / Oil Separators / Accumulators Air Cooling Units Low Pressure Receiver (LPR) Systems ...

  • cooling air

    The PA standard flat conveyor equipped with an additional tunnel and a combination of chiller and air/water heat exchanger from Pfannenberg. The Solution With the goal of introducing a cooling component into the conveyor belt path, Conveyors had already created a small tunnel and first experimented the lower impact solution: cooling with filterfans.

  • Cooling Hot Bulk Materials Using Screw Conveyors | Ask The …

    Cooling Hot Bulk Materials Using Screw Conveyors Download PDF Brochure Question I am discharging a very hot product from a rotary kiln. The product exit temperature is about 1,400-degrees F and is reducing the life of my downstream equipment. I need to cool ...

  • Chillers

    Categories: Chillers - air cooled, Temperature Control Equipment Tags: 15 ton, 2014, 30RAP015, air, air cooled chiller, carrier, chiler, cooled Trane Model SREACO40 Air Cooled Chiller Add to cart

  • Coldcrete Inc.

    Coldcrete is proud to offer a new technique for cooling concrete- revolutionary and economical cement cooling! Our Patent Pending process uses chilled air to cool cement in standard pigs or cement silos. Safeties are utilized to insure that the chilled air is dry, therefore eliminating any possibility of condensed water contacting cement.


    The Temperature of chilled water should not be less than 200C (In any condition) without confirmation of SASG. If any case antifrozen N (Mono ethylene Glycol) is not available. We have a facility Rs. 270 per Litre (GST & Courier Charges extra as actual), …

  • Coldcrete Inc.

    Coldcrete can meet your specific needs. Coldcrete provides engineering and design for equipment such as ice plants, sand coolers, flooded wet belts, air handling units, cement coolers and even simple mix water chillers. We supply coarse aggregate cooling with chilled air and nitrogen systems as well as other coarse aggregate and post-cooling ...

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